Premier Equine Jointed Rubber Bevel Bit


Premier Equine Jointed Rubber Bevel Bit Loose Ring Bit With Fixed Rein Positions – Single Jointed, Durable Rubber Mouth Piece – Two Leverage Options – Bit Strength: Intermediate.


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Premier Equine Jointed Rubber Bevel Bit

The Bevel bit is a modified loose ring snaffle that allows the rider to apply an intermediate degree of leverage and can also help to promote a correct outline. The single jointed, durable rubber mouth piece offers a higher level of comfort in the horse‘s mouth whilst still applying pressure to the bars, lips and sides of the tongue. Similar to a three ring/Dutch gag but with less leverage, making it an ideal bit for horses who require more braking power than a regular snaffle. The rubber mouthpiece makes the bit warmer and therefore more easily accepted by sensitive horses.

As per Premier Equine size guide the A & B measurements of this bit are as follows:
4.5″ & 5″ – A=15mm & B=55mm
5.5″ – A=15mm & B=65mm

Rubber Horse Bits…
Rubber covered bits generally have thicker mouthpieces making them softer and ideal for horses with sensitive mouths or those who do not like metal bits. Premier Equine rubber bits have been heat treated to make them smooth to the touch and more durable. May not be suitable for horses with small mouths or a large tongue due to the thicker mouthpiece.

  • Loose ring bit with fixed rein positions
  • Single jointed, durable rubber mouthpiece
  • Two leverage options – attach reins to middle ring for a mild action or to the fixed point at the bottom for more leverage
  • Bit rings are larger on the 5″ & 5.5″ so that the bit remains in proportion with the horses head
  • This is NOT BD Legal
  • Bit strength: Intermediate

4.5", 5", 5.5"


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