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TopSpec All-in-One 4kg


Granular Multi-Supplement - Suitable For All Horses & Ponies Whether Competing, In Light Work Or Breeding - Caramel Flavoured - 4kg Tub.

All-In-One is a caramel flavoured, granular supplement which provides many specialised ingredients for hoof health, digestive aids, antioxidants & muscle repair. The all in one supplement is designed to supplement the rations for all horses but is especially useful for good doers as it has a super low calorific count. 

A fully comprehensive range of micro-nutrients are supplied at optimum levels to maximise uptake & overall effectiveness when used in conjunction with a variety of different diets. 

Effective levels of biotin (15mg/500kg horse/day), which, in association with the methionine, lysine, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine and vitamin A present, will greatly improve hoof quality. A number of these nutrients also promote supple skin and a very shiny coat.


Powerful levels of vitamin E and selenium, vital anti-oxidants, important for muscle metabolism, for horses on high oil rations and for breeding stock.


Methionine and lysine plus minerals, vitamins and trace-elements for optimum muscle and bone development and repair.


Raised levels of copper, zinc and B vitamins and considered levels of iron, important for blood-building.


Effective levels of calcium, phosphorous, copper and zinc to help develop and maintain strong bone.


Generous levels of B vitamins, vital for efficient energy metabolism in the high performance horse, and important for horses with compromised hindgut function.

Two yeast products to create a healthy gut environment, improve fibre digestibility and digestive efficiency plus maintain a healthy immune system:-


A pure, protected yeast. Research has shown that this excellent form of yeast can significantly improve feed and fibre digestibility in the horse. This allows horses to gain more benefit from the fibrous parts of their diet.

A mannan oligosaccharide (MOS). This is a natural component of yeast cell walls. It bonds with pathogenic (bad) bacteria, removing them from the gut, leaving the beneficial bacteria free to multiply.



All-in-One supplement is a suitable supplement for horses and ponies prone to, being treated for, or recovering from laminitis. However, we would normally recommend TopSpec AntiLam, which is pelleted onto a high-fibre base and is very palatable.

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