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Hoof Moisturiser - Natural Ingredients - Contains Eucalyptus For Antiseptic Properties - Available In Black Or Natural - 900g Tub.

An entirely natural product with a dual action, Hoof Moist helps improves hoof condition - The smooth gel can be easily applied with either a hoof brush, soft cloth or by hand - It is oil and grease free, especially formulated to sustain the moisture content of the hoof and allow natural fluctuation of moisture levels - The ingredients used are of human cosmetic grade and the manufacturing process used in it’s production results in a smooth gel consistency to allow for even application - Contains Eucalyptus, which gives it a natural antiseptic quality - Particularly useful throughout the dry summer months and also for the horse who has to spend prolonged periods on dry bedding, which can draw moisture out from the hoof - Available in Black or Natural  - 900g Tub.

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