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Flint's Yard Itching? Midge Repellent


100% Natural - Designed To STOP The Itch-Scratch Cycle - Cools & Soothes Hot Itchy Skin - Contains Aloe Vera, Margosa & Essential Oils - 300ml.

Itching? is a highly effective 100% natural lotion - The advanced formula is designed to STOP the itch - scratch cycle - The lotion can be used on particularly itchy areas such as the mane and tail. It dries transparent and non sticky which means no build up on residue. Itching? can also be diluted 1:12 with water to use as an all over repellent spray for maxium coverages. Rapidly STOPS itching and rubbing - Cools and soothes hot and itchy skin - Repels flying insects - Encourages hair regrowth - Key ingredients: Aloe Vera - cooling on hot and itchy skin - Margosa - derivative of neem, acts as an excellent, powerful repellent - Unique blend of essential oils all specifically focused on their effective repelling qualities - This powerful midge repellent lotion has an aloe vera base which is readily absorbed into the skin - It offers a long lasting, weather resistant formula - What's more, it is 100% natural - 300ml.

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