Equine America Airways® Xtra Strength Powder


With its powerful aroma, Airways® Xtra Strength Powder opens the airways and eases breathing.  Airways® Xtra Strength Powder should be added to the feed daily for horses stabled for long periods or those who are experiencing low level congestion, or irritation from dust in bedding and hay, also ideal for those who are sensitive to pollen allergies.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Airways Xtra Strength Powder contains essences of oils associated with clearing and opening the airways.  The menthol and vapours will not only dilate the airways but soothe low level irritation and encourage deep breathing.  Airways Xtra Strength Powder will encourage a break down of nasal mucus and leave the  airways clear and the horse / pony more willing to work.

For lower respiratory health or laboured breathing, a course of Coff-Less is recommended before maintaining on Airways® Xtra Strength Powder or use Coff-Less permanently for long term concerns.

Available in 454g (a one month supply)

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