Cottage Craft Belgian Gag

£16.95 £13.55

Stainless Steel - Single Jointed.

This single jointed Belgian Gag is made from quality stainless steel.


A Guide To Measuring For A Bit

Measure an old bit you know already fits. Take the mouthpiece measurement from the inside of each cheek piece or ring.

Alternatively use a piece of string about 12” (30cm) long. Tie a knot about 2 inches (5cm) in. Put it through your horse’s mouth, with the knot against the lips on one side. Mark the opposite side with a marker or little piece of tape then take the measurement from the knot to the marking.

A bit should fit your horse’s mouth so that the mouthpeice extends approximately 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) beyond the horse’s lips on either side. It should not be so tight that the horse might be pinched by the rings/cheek pieces and likewise there should not be a great length of bit showing from the sides of the horse’s mouth allowing the bit to slide from side to side. A tiny bit loose is better than too tight. The different parts of the mouthpiece on bits are made to sit on specific areas of the mouth.


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