Masta Protechmasta Leg Wraps

£59.95 £49.95

Set Of 2 - For Healthier Tendons & Ligaments - Far Infra-Red Technology Gently Increases Blood Flow To The Tendons & Ligaments - Colour: Black.

Masta's therapy boots for healthier tendons and ligaments - Super wicking, Air mesh fabric that is soft and absorbent to wick away moisture effectively - The Far Infrared Technology Gently increases blood flow to the tendons and ligaments to help warm them up before exercise and thus help prevent injury - Plus increases oxygen and nutrients for essential repair of wear and tear - Special ceramic powder is blended with the yarns of the lining fabric for long lasting properties that will not wash out - Easy to use fastenings - Ergonomically shaped to fit both the front and back legs with easy close Velcro straps to secure - Colour: Black - Set Of 2.

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