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Cottage Craft Pony Lunge Cavesson


Lightweight D-Ring Cavesson Fitting - Neoprene Padding - Triple Buckle Adjustments - Colour: Black - Size: Pony.

This Cottage Craft Pony Lunge Cavesson is specially designed with lightweight D-ring cavesson fitting - Neoprene padding around the nose and browband - Triple buckle adjustments on the cheek, nose and throat - Colour: Black - Size: Pony.

Bridles & Headcollars

Shetland / Small Pony 11hh - 12hh
Pony 12hh - 14hh
Cob 14.2hh - 15.2hh
Full 15.2hh - 16.3hh
Extra Full 16.3hh plus

Bridles come in standard sizes, Small Pony/Shetland - Pony -  Cob - Full - X-Full, however different makes of bridle may vary slightly in their measurements. Use the chart above as a guide, bearing in mind that the size of the horse does not always relate to the size of its head.

As with all horse clothing and tack, remember to consider your horses' individual build when deciding on the correct size to order.

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